The Time of Nurture and Nature

The Solstice lies behind us, the bud of our creation has flowered, and now as each petal stretches to the warm light of the sun, every thread of energy flows in. The wider our stretch and the greater the showcase of our beauty, the more we are able to recognise our gifts, step into our fullness and bathe in the growing powers of our creation.

And with the Autumn yawn and Winters' sleep still a little time away, we see the midday sun has only just rolled past and so, there's still some work to be done.

But what is that work? What is it that you feel is tugging at your heart and soul? Where is your attention being called?

This is a moment of both reflection and creation. A moment of realisation at how far we've come, of what we've accomplished, of the person we've become.

So take time for reflection, for appreciation, for compassion.

And what of our creations? What are we growing? What do we feel truly called to nurture in our lives? What is it that we want to see flourish?

Perhaps it's our relationships, our family or our career? Perhaps it's a desire for deeper knowledge and understanding of the World?

It's time to recognise the power of attention, how we can be proactive in the formation of our lives, and in that be responsible for the way they are. What have we chosen in response to what we've been given? Do we want to do the same again or choose a different option?

If we live in stress, fear or worry these are reinforced through the choices we make. If we live from the heart, in kindness, in compassion in joy these replicate as we allow them to form the energy behind every decision we take, and every move we make.

When you look at your life, or at others' lives, or look at the way the World is, what do you see? What do you feel? What do you want to say? How do you want to respond?

Now imagine that all you are able to feel is love. Just love. Now look again.. and ask yourself the same questions. How does your energy/feelings/actions change?

We all have choice of how to act, feel, respond. And all the choices we make have an impact, on ourselves, on those around us, on the World.

What impact do you want to have? What does the World look like that you want to create?


Sometimes in moments of uncertainty or reflection it is always a comfort to turn to the Tarot. In the past few weeks I have asked the cards for advice about these times.

And in the past two weeks the Queen of Pentacles continues to make an appearance as our advice and it is from this that these musings have arisen. So let's connect with her more deeply.

What is it that she wants us to know? What is she wanting us to hear?

The Queen is asking us to appreciate and to nurture.

To appreciate and nurture our families, our vocations, our homes, our hearts, our projects, our planet, our resources.. this is a time to take care of them all.

A time to take practical steps towards creating a kinder World. One where we care for each other and value the magic of our natural world.

The Queen also asks us to question what we want. Who we want to be. How we want to live.

When we step into the Queen of Pentacles we find our balance and our sense of purpose and fulfilment, not from rushing or demanding or forcing our way but through living in love, with consideration and kindness. As we become the queen we can release our fears. Our fears of security, money, finding a partner. We can accept where we are and what we have, then we can be proactive by inviting all these things in and loving them when they come.

Like everything money, love, confidence are all energies that flow to us when we appreciate and affirm their place and value in our lives and so we must simply state "money, love, confidence flows to me easily".

We find her sitting amongst the vines of sweet red roses, beneath the warm and sunlit sky, and in her we feel all the soft serenity of contentment, the quiet calm of confidence, the grace of eternal affection, and the rich and wonderful blessings of life.

She is a reminder to us to appreciate this moment and it all that we have and hold dear. Life is a landscape of eternal change, don't let the blessings of the present pass you by.

If you would like to discover more about the Queen of Pentacles, the Tarot or your personal advice for these times send me an email or book a reading by visiting my website

With deepest blessings


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