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Trust vs Distrust

Dilemma's of a Lockdown

I feel blessed to hear the birds around me and to connect to the themes and energies of the World whilst still maintaining my presence in the present; Knowing that no matter what is happening 'out there' in the beyond of my immediate influence or control I have a choice about what's happening 'inside'. What the energy is that is coursing through my body, the direction and influence of my thoughts, the focus of my attention, and the balance of my emotions.

In this moment, I am both quiet and observant; both experiencing and reflecting.

My choice, no matter the situation is to always find my way back to my centre. Back to the stillness and peace within, in order to create and contemplate, act and speak from a place of joy, kindness, love and trust. And with Venus as an evening star her vibrations of beauty and heart can be felt; and last nights conjunction between Pluto and Jupiter brings up what we fear but also what we believe. Are we being asked to have faith?

To trust or not to trust?

Can we trust and find peace, yet observe with keen awareness the actions of those who seek power, or who seek to suppress, sacrifice or utilise people for their own gain; or do we simply distrust everything and go deeper and deeper into the exploration of mistrust without ever knowing peace?

We have a choice.

To trust and have faith can bring with it some peace and yet leaves an opening for wise assessment and continued contemplation. Yet distrust leaves no room for peace - it only leaves room for fear.

The choice exists in everyone.

And then the questions are: Do we truly know enough to worry? Can we find a way to live in love and not fear? Are we able to take positive, thoughtful action that can affect a more beautiful and harmonious planet for all? In this moment can we inspire positive change?

This time is an opportunity for everyone. An opportunity to contemplate what world we want to create. Do we attempt to return to a world of inequality and environmental destruction? Do we want to succumb to the rigid and self-interested authority of established powers (known and unknown)? Or do we want to envision something different?

It's all rooted in faith. Faith from a true inner knowing that we can create a positive future (though of course that will look different to everyone).

What you think you create.

The Law of Attraction states that you attract what you put out into the World. So perhaps let's focus on putting out love, on community, on establishing and growing caring relationships; for ourselves, our Planet and each other. Then when we face decisions we can do them in unity, with commitment, with wisdom and with heart. Until then people are finding themselves trapped in anxiety for what the future may hold, and never find a moment to feel into the eternal peace of the present.

What do you think?

Are you able to anchor into a future of positivity, collective growth, health and harmony by believing it to be true in the present?

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