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I have been a professional Tarot card reader for over six years, but I have been reading and working with the cards all my life.
My reading style is not predictive, but 'reflective', so rather than divining and predicting I instead use intuition and guidance to offer clarity around any challenges or changes that you may be going through. Helping you to see the underlying causes, the blocks, the support you need and the advice.
My readings are always given in a way which seeks to enlighten, empower and inspire you - no matter what you are facing.
Challenges are a natural part of life and of our growth but being able to navigate them with clarity and support can be truly nourishing and can help to create positive and lasting change.
  • A Tarot reading for clarity, wisdom, insight and advice

    1 hr

    40 British pounds
  • Deepen & develop you Tarot practice with private mentorship

    1 hr

    35 British pounds
  • A monthly online Tarot class to practice reading with others'.


    1 hr 30 min

    6 British pounds

Tarot Reading Course

I will soon be running another Beginners' Tarot Course for you to learn all you need to get you started on your Tarot journey. Exploring the Major and Minor Arcana with plenty of practise throughout I will get you reading straight away so that after the course you will feel confident in reading for yourself and others'.

I have been a professional Tarot Reader for 6 years however have been reading, learning and practising Tarot for the majority of my life. This is my chance to share my knowledge, guidance, support in your journey to the incredible benefits of this beautiful tool.

The Complete Tarot Course is a 8 week course with a 2hr class per week (1hr in week 8 + a private hour of mentorship with me upon completion).

  • Complete Tarot Course (£350 - 16hrs) - January 2021


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Tarot Readings

Book a reading with me to uncover the hidden influences behind your blocks or worries or challenges. Find out about your career, love life, relationships, money, home etc.

Be empowered to take action to live your best life.

We can do many types of spreads so after you book do have a think about what area of your life is needing clarity, or we can do a general spread and discuss what emerges.

Drink tea and practise tarot - all from the comfort of your home. 


In this hour long informal session you will have the chance to ask questions, contribute, look at example spreads AND not only get a chance to practise your reading (the number one best way to improve your skills) but to also have your tarot read for you by one of the group.

During the session I will separate the class into small 2-person calls for you to practise with each other before returning to the group.

Only £6 to join online.

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