Find deep inner stillness. Meet your Spirit Guide. Discover your Spirit Animal. Build landscapes of deep relaxation and reflection. Help you to fall asleep.



What's holding you back? What do you need to release in order to move on? Where do you need to place your focus? What is the advice you are being given to help you navigate these times?


Guided Meditation Classes (October)

BOOK NOW: Guided Meditation

BOOK NOW: Guided Meditation


Tarot Readings

Book a reading with me to uncover the hidden influences behind your blocks or worries or challenges. Find out about your career, love life, relationships, money, home etc.

Be empowered to take action to live your best life.

We can do many types of spreads so after you book do have a think about what area of your life is needing clarity, or if everything we can do a general spread and discuss what emerges.

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Tarot Reading Course

I will soon be running another Beginners' Tarot Course for you to learn all you need to get you started on your Tarot journey. Exploring the Major and Minor Arcana with plenty of practise throughout I will get you reading straight away so that after the course you will feel confident in reading for yourself and others'.

I have been a professional Tarot Reader for 6 years however have been reading, learning and practising Tarot for 20 years. This is my chance to share my knowledge, guidance, support in your journey to the incredible benefits of this beautiful tool.

The Complete Tarot Course is a 7 week course with a 2hr class per week with an additional private hour of mentorship with me upon completion.

The next course will run from 6th August 2020 - 17th September 2020

From 20:00-22:00 (GMT)

  • Complete Tarot Course (£300 - 15hrs) - August 


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Tarot Classes


Every other week I hold Tarot Classes where we explore one or more of the cards in deeper ways, and with relevant application to these times. You will also be given a new spread for personal practise, and have the chance to ask questions and practise reading for others' (should you wish to)

  • Tarot Class with Q&A and Practice (£8 per class, 2 classes per month*)

To sign up please contact me: 

*Each class is 1.5hrs and held every other Sunday from 7-8:30pm (UK). The next class will be on the 9th August 2020. Price is £8 for drop in's - purchase here.

Tarot Reading Mentorship

If you would like me to mentor you through your Tarot journey, wherever you are in that process then consider joining my mentorship programme. 

The cost of a single private mentorship session is £35 per hour.

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However if you wish to book a full mentorship programme with me, this features 4hrs of private mentorship + 4.5hrs of practise in a group setting with 2-3 other students. The cost of the mentorship programme is £180


To sign up please contact me:

Personal/Private Offerings 

  • Guided Meditation 

  • Tarot Reading 

  • Tarot Mentorship

  • Reiki Healing (Distance) 

  • Holistic Counselling 

  • Spiritual Coach


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*To enquire personally contact me: 

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